Aabhash Karmacharya

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 3
Idea Name: Donate Blood App
Industry : Web/mobile app

Donate Blood is an app, which is in development phase. This website and mobile app will minimise the distance between blood donor and receiver using proper data mining technique. Aabhas Karmacharya seeing the numerous facebook posts that mentions the requirement of different types of blood for the patients formed the idea. Whether the patient gets the blood or not determines the patient’s life. This is where Aabhas saw potential of connecting the blood donor and the patients. Login is compulsory to use this app to ensure the reliability of the donor as well as the receiver through recommendation system. The app is in development phase. In the meantime an initial phase of webpage is live to collect the user base. This means the willing donor can put in their blood information, once the app is developed the data can be replicated there. Then the users can easily access the information through website or mobile app.