Bijay Rimal

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 3
Idea Name: Cylindrical electric oven
Industry : Agro-tech
Bagdole, Lalitpur, Nepal

Cylindrical electric oven was created in 2017, which is eco friendly. The purpose is to be able to cook healthy food without using coal making it delicious and time efficient. Vijay believes in putting thoughts into action and that is what he did with the oven. From sketching the product to investing time to buy raw materials, which took him four months, to creating the oven he did not give up. Today the oven is functional and with a few tweaks it will be ready for the market.

Tandoor food is popular in Nepal, but usage of coal invites a lot of health hazard. The product is easy to handle, eco -friendly, and is time-efficient. One can cook a whole chicken of one kilogram within 20-30 minutes, sekuwa cooks in 12-15 minutes, the oven has the capacity to boil 12 eggs, and rice and mixed vegetables can be easily cooked. The product will be sold to restaurants and households.