Joseph Shrestha

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Idea name: Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)
Tagline: फोहोर दिनुस मोहोर लिनुस, सव्य बनौ, बनाउ
Sinamangal, Kathmandu

The reverse vending machine is an automated machine that takes-in plastic waste, empty aluminum cans, and paper waste and in return provides rewards such as discount vouchers, recharge cards, etc to the users. The machine aims to encourage the public to dispose waste responsibly and contributes to proper waste management at public spaces like malls, temples, airports, bus stops, hospitals etc. The machine is designed and developed in Nepal by RVM Nepal Pvt. Ltd. jointly with National Innovation Centre (Dr. Mahabir Pun). The machine development is complete and is now looking into installing the machines at public spaces.

Business stage: Business development
Startup capital: Rs. 3,50,000