Kshitiz Thapa

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Idea name: Ticketnshop.com
Tagline: Compare garnus, book garnus
Ideator Name: Kshitiz Thapa
Address: Gothatar, Kathmandu

Ticketnshop.com is a price comparison digital platform for entertainment activities like holiday packages, adventure and sports events, futsal, hotel, etc. There are 4,700 travel agencies in Nepal with different packages for domestic, outbound, and inbound tourism but it is difficult to compare the different packages. There is an absence of online presence for service providers and both service providers and consumers are victims of hassle to reach one another. Ticketnshop.com helps solve this hassle by connecting the service providers and customers. Customers can compare the packages available and choose as per their preference in one stop. Service providers are freed from the burden of marketing and reach a large pool of audiences at once.

Business stage: Running business
Startup capital: Rs. 50,00,000
Website: https://ticketnshop.com/