Prajwal Rajbhandari

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Idea Name:YOGO – Probiotic Drinking Yoghurt
Fermentica Foods & Diary Pvt. Ltd.
Industry :
Tokha, Kathmandu

YOGO is a probiotic yoghurt drink produced by Fermentica Foods and Dairy Pvt. Ltd., a start-up company that specializes in fermented foods. Due to different factors like diet, stress and antibiotics (from medicines, eggs and animal meat), there is an increase of metabolic and inflammatory diseases. In Nepal’s context, many people are suffering from gastritis, indigestion and diarrhea due to unhygienic diet and lifestyle. YOGO can solve these problems by preventing the occurrence of these diseases before becoming dire. It helps build immunity and makes the gut healthy and happy. The concept of drinking yoghurt is probably new in Nepali market and can attract people.