Ranjana Tiwari

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Idea Name: Ropeway Nepal Pvt. Ltd (Hybrid food dryer for alleviation of food crisis)
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Jwagal, Kupandole, Lalitpur-10

Food dehydration process has been used over the centuries to preserve fruits and vegetables to not only increase their shelf life but also maintain the nutritional value. Dehydration absorbs the water and moisture content from the food, which not only prevents it from perishing, but also increases its economic value. Although dehydration leads to loss of some nutritional value it helps in preserving food for long duration.

Food dryer provides dehydrated horticultural products for rural farmers and assures supply of food throughout the year. Most modern dehydrators use a heating mechanism that is powered by electricity. These electric dehydrators use complex heat-transfer techniques, which are expensive and difficult to maintain. And some of them use solar energy for dehydration. But due to the limited hours of effective sun power in Nepal, it is not possible to dry the food product perfectly only by solar energy. Hence, hybrid system of solar and electricity needs to be implemented for perfectly drying the food product for maintaining the nutrition and hygiene needed and this is what the company offers.