Sanjay Gurung

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 3
Idea Name: Film Studio
Industry : Film industry
Lainchaur, Kathmandu

Nepali film industry is gradually rising and improving from the conventional way of storytelling to new style. Visual effects (VFX) is yet to be ventured into but there have been attempts. Good VFX is loved and praised by everyone. Every young generation is either excited experience it or is eager to learn the methods. There are a few educational institutions that teach visual effects course, but there are not many studios that supports them to practice. Also visual effect enthusiasts often struggle to find like minded people. This is where market segmentation takes place. Before buying some equipment for filmmaking, we decided to earn some revenue with the skills we have. We are going to make promotional videos for the company, create advertisements, run an ad campaign, make short movies, music videos, animations etc. There are still lots of company who wants there advertisements to be made more creatively.