Sanjiv Tamang

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 3

Idea Name: Decraftmandu
Industry : Service

This business model is a concept store. As is evident there is a lot of hassle for investment, time, location, and other miscellaneous works. This is how the idea of Decraftmandu was born. Decraftmandu provides platform to the start-ups and entrepreneurs. The Company promotes start-ups businesses by displaying their products that showcases unique Nepali art, culture and traditions. The aim is to focus on start-ups and women entrepreneurs where they can sustain in the society and become economically empowered. This would motivate them to increase in their production and create opportunities for new generation. Decraftmandu will help the local producers to meet their potential customers in international market and also help them in their bulk purchase. It can provide them investment in minimum interest for their production and can take the commission.