Santosh Tiwari

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 3
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Medicine information and Healthcare service sharing platform
Industry :

This is a technology based startup company. The company provides drug information to the users. They are upgrading our platform as a healthcare service sharing this platform with the healthcare service providers and patients. The aim is to focus on creating a community of healthcare professionals, which will make it easier for networking, communicating, and healthcare service delivery between healthcare professionals and patients.

  1. Drug Information

Finding the right information of the medicines based on brand name is a difficult task. This is the feature where healthcare professionals can have information on medicines for quick recall based on both brand name as well as generic name of medicines manufactured in Nepal.

  1. Networking, Communication, and Healthcare service Sharing:

This feature is in development stage. In this feature we offer a platform where different healthcare professionals can have user registration. They can network among their counterparts. By utilizing this feature healthcare professionals can find customer or vice versa based on the location.