Sapana Thalal

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 3
Idea Name: Catcher
Industry : Tech/security

This is an IT start-up, working to help those, especially young girls, who are unable to notify or seek help in emergency to save their life. In life-threatening situations like rape attempts, violent attacks, severe health conditions or dementia accessing mobile may not be possible. The vision is to create an environment where everyone can live fearless and safe. They designed a wearable device that will be attached in digital watch, which has emergency button. When pressed it sends an alert message to the parents, close friends, and to the nearest police station along with live GPS location and full identification of the person concerned based on the number of button presses. A working prototype for analysis of the technical feasibility has been created and they need investment to manufacture devices and launch the business to make it safer for those who are in need.