Shristi Awale, Sushant Maharjan and Gautam Shrestha

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 4

Idea name: Smart Ghar
Satdobato, Lalitpur

Smart Ghar is an Internet of things (IOT) based smart control device that will help the user to remotely control different electronic devices present in their home or organisation. The vision is to reduce energy consumption and prevent casualties as people tend to forget to switch off their devices when leaving their homes. Smart Ghar allows one to check and control their electronic devices through a mobile application from anywhere, anytime. Smart Ghar system is built in Nepal unlike other imported automation systems, caters to Nepali household’s needs and is easy to customise and repair. They are economical compared to other systems available. The system aims to help old age people and differently-abled people become independent.

Business stage: Start-up phase
Startup capital: Rs. 30,00,000