Uttam Bajracharya

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Ideator: Uttam Kumar Bajracharya

Narmada Health Home and Ayurvedic Research Centre

Industry: Healing oil for health from physical to mental ailments

Lalitpur, Nepal

Titepati plant is in abundance in villages and forests in Nepal and is significant culturally and health wise. The plant can be collected from anywhere and processed for essential oil. Narmada Health Home and Ayurvedic Research Center is a scale up company that has been researching, extracting, and selling titepati (artemisia) oil. Uttam Kumar Bajracharya owns the company in partnership with Dr Nirmala Suwal. Bajracharya has been working in this sector for 14 years and is a certified energy healer.


Bajracharya researched and discovered titepati oil protects from negative energy. He has found hundreds of benefits of this oil and has treated many. For instance, it detoxes the air filled with bacteria. As this is naturally extracted oil it can be used with or without diluting with other oil. This oil is more effective than any other essential oil available in the market. It is tried and tested. It also controls blood pressure and sugar, and works as an insect repellent.