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Article By: Alisha Thakuri

Published on: Apr 4, 2021

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We are glad to announce that Idea Studio Nepal has forged a partnership with Mr Dileep Agrawal, MD,  Worldlink and a certified EO Scaleup Accelerator Trainer and will be facilitating the Scaleup Accelerator Program starting May 2021 (date to be finalized as per the participant and trainers convenience). If you are looking to scale up your business and would like to learn more about how to do it, the Scaleup Accelerator program is the right learning platform for you and your company.

In order to apply for the FREE accelerator program, please fill in the google form here.

What is the Scaleup Accelerator Program?

Scaleup Accelerator is a program that works as a catalyst and enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult their businesses to the next level. The mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools that they need to grow their business sales and provide them with the skills to make them better entrepreneur and leader.

Along with structured educational content focused on the core areas of first-stage businesses, the program offers a unique experience of learning from the most influential entrepreneurs.

About the trainer

Dileep Agrawal is a Nepali Tech Entrepreneur. He founded and established Nepal’s largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in 1995 at the age of 22. He is the founder and director of WorldLink, an Internet service providing company. Over the years, WorldLink has registered tremendous sustained growth and provides services ranging from Internet connectivity and related services to data networking, voice and software development. WorldLink has grown to be not only the largest ISP in Nepal but one of the largest IT services companies employing over 600 people throughout the country. He has co-founded several companies and non-profit organizations and serves on their boards. Mr Agrawal is a graduate of Bates College in the US.

Specialities: Managing high growth companies, Incubating start-ups, Creating new ventures, Corporate
development and automation, Network architecture, Software design, Management information systems

The Curriculum

Read on below to see the specific learning opportunities provided by the Accelerator program.

  • Accountability GroupAs a Scaleup Accelerator participant, you will be matched with other participants to form a small group
    known as Accountability Groups. These groups will ensure that you are learning and growing as an
    individual, both through the learning provided in the classroom and through the interaction with your
    peers. Groups will be provided with a framework and tools to keep in touch between meetings to help each
    keep on track with their committed goals.
  • Connections to ExpertsThe Scaleup Accelerator Program enables you to meet on a quarterly basis with a mentor in your area.
    This mentor will help you to guide the program locally with a committee of other Entrepreneurs’ who are
    dedicated to the success of the program and its participants.
  • Entrepreneurs’ FacilitatorsEach quarterly program will be led by a trained facilitator (Mr Dileep Agrawal) who has been a first-stage
    entrepreneur. These moderators will bring a wealth of experience and connections to help you navigate
    through the content and glean as much as possible from the learning that is presented. The facilitator will
    answer questions from personal experience, helping you deal with the issues you face in your company
    with thoughtful and practical insights.
  • Peer-to-Peer LearningOnce accepted to the Scaleup Accelerator Program, you will be able to network with other emerging
    entrepreneurs who can offer lessons and insights from their personal experience. The networking among
    Scaleup Accelerator participants will be an invaluable part of the program.
  • StrategyCreate Sustainable Top Line GrowthThe keys to sustainable top-line growth are: knowing your core customer, developing a clear brand
    promise, and developing your BHAG® (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for sustainable revenue growth.
  • PeopleBecome a Magnet for A-players Who Are Dedicated to ResultsGrowth companies’ most difficult decisions involve getting the right people in the right seats. Is everyone
    in your company aligned, pulling their weight, and contributing as they should?
  • ExecutionDevelop a Strategic Advantage Over Your CompetitorsOne common challenge that quietly sneaks up on successful growth companies is the subtle transition
    from excellent, precise execution to passivity, complacency, and eventually poor execution disciplines.
    Tightening up your execution habits can dramatically improve your gross margins and profitability while
    reducing the time it takes to get work done.
  • CashAccelerator Cash Flow to Fuel Your GrowthThe first law of entrepreneurial gravity is “Growth sucks cash.” We encourage companies to examine their
    cash acceleration strategies. This measures the time between spending a dollar (on marketing, design,
    rent, wages, etc.) and earning that dollar back throughout the company.

What does the program include?

  • Four full-day learning events planned one per quarter, facilitated by Mr Dileep Agrawal
  • Monthly Accountability Group meetings focused on goal setting and peer accountability led by an
  • Use of goal setting and tracking tools

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be the owner or founder of an operating business with gross yearly revenue of minimum Nrs. 1 crore
  • Interested in growing your business rapidly
  • Should have at least 4-5 full-time employees

How much do I have to pay for taking part in this program?

  • You DO NOT have to pay to be a part of the Scaleup Accelerator program. However to have the
    participants fully engage in the learning process each company will put a deposit of Rs. 50,000
    each. This deposit will be REFUNDED once the company successfully completes all the
    components of the training program. If a company fails to participate and/or drops out in the
    middle of the program, the deposit will be donated to a charity of Mr Dileep Agrawal’s choice
  • In the condition, if the COVID situation eases and we start the workshop and the Accountability
    Group session physically the incurred cost for the events will be equally shared by the

Selection Process

  • Founder(s)/CEO of the company should apply by completing an online form. They should explain
    about their company and product. They should share revenue numbers. They should explain
    why they want to participate in this training
  • We will shortlist based on responses and interviews. Only those that show zeal to learn and
    passion to scale up will be selected
  • We will select 15 companies. 3-4 people can participate from the same company. It will be
    mandatory for at least 3 people to participate from each company. It is very difficult for one
    person to implement the tools.

NOTE: The training will run over zoom for as long as Covid 19 lasts (It is highly effective over zoom as
well). If the event is held at a venue, any venue shares will be collected from the participants on actuals

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