Anupam Bhattarai

Er. Anupam Bhattarai

IT Consultant

With a versatile range of achievements in the tech industry, Anupam Bhattrai brings a wealth of knowledge to his work. His experience in game development, leadership, and immersive experiences has led to winning multiple hackathons, developing apps and software as a freelance project, and creating immersive experiences at Paracosma Pvt. Ltd. His political involvement has also provided insight into the inner workings of politics, having worked on a national assembly election campaign and in a Deputy Mayor's secretariat and providing IT solutions for government projects.

As an education transformation entrepreneur, he founded a company with a passion for revolutionizing the education system in Nepal. He has participated in an incubation program to develop his ideas further and provide IT consulting services. He also speaks at events to inspire others on technology, entrepreneurship, and education. His commitment to leadership, innovation, and education makes him a valuable asset to any team.