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Idea Studio Nepal believes in a collective approach and aims to include different Companies, business houses and banks, to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem. It has approached 60 Companies; out of which, 15  have already become our Brand Champions. Idea Studio has communicated the following message to the champions.

Why Be a Champion



Contribute to social development through collective approach

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Prospective to collaborate with different stakeholders and work together to create national impact.


Potential to support aspirants who want to transform new ideas into ventures.

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Prospective to foster employment and entrepreneurship environment in the country.


Involve in Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Opportunity to mentor, assist and incubate ideas.

Opportunity of product placement during the television show.

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Highlight the names of organization or individual on national Television, Newspapers, Social Medias, websites and banners.

Highlight Organization's or individual's name in different events/workshops.

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Opportunity to share experience or success stories on program called Talk in National Television and social media.

Be a brand champion

Brand Champions