Anjana Malla

Posted on Posted in Ideators Season 5

Address: Bagdol, Lalitpur
Idea/ Business Name: Deego Nepal
Idea Stage: Running business

Deego Nepal is a sustainable lifestyle brand offering affordable eco-friendly alternatives to household plastic products in everyday living. It started with a vision to mitigate the plastic pollution and unsustainable living the world along with Nepal is facing. The lack of accessible and affordable alternatives in the market is one of the biggest challenges for eco-conscious people trying to live sustainably. It aims to innovate eco-friendly alternatives and products locally, providing environmental issues awareness and creating a community for sustainable living. Its product ranges include loofah body scrubber, loofah dishwashing sponge, loofah exfoliating back scrubber, bamboo toothbrushes, menstrual cups, Tote bags, paper pens and facemasks. Except for the bamboo toothbrushes and menstrual cup, all its products are locally made by women in Nepal. It ultimately aims to develop the economy sustainably, empowering locals and women while contributing towards environmental conservation.