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Idea Studio is a platform to turn promising ideas into solutions and ultimately ignite social change and unlock potentials in favor of entrepreneurship through innovation. The process starts with calling for innovation ideas across Nepal, which is shortlisted and mentored by renowned business leaders at Idea Studio Nepal. The best ideas nurtured at the Business Incubator is showcased on primetime National Television in the form of reality show, where business leaders and investors interested in the ideas, partner and invest with innovators to put sustainable solution in place.

Core Partner

Nepal Youth Council Nepal (NYC) is a government entity working in youth mobilization and empowerment. As a Policy Partner, it contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by co-creating youth-friendly policies at the national and provincial levels. Idea Studio Nepal is partnering with NYC to establish incubation hubs in all seven provinces. It is currently working on launching the first Youth Innovation and Incubation center in Province 1 and 3.

As a partner, WWF Nepal supports and promotes ‘Greenovation’, a business idea solving environmental challenges, directly or indirectly, using eco-friendly solutions. WWF Nepal has been an active partner throughout the process of business idea shortlisting, to live audition in College Idea Hunt, mentoring, judging in the TV Show.

Prabhu Bank is an ‘A’ class commercial bank. As the leading banking and financial service group in Nepal, it offers the full range of banking and investment services for personal and corporate customers, backed by a team of highly motivated, young and dynamic professionals. As the Banking partner, it helps selected entrepreneurs with access to financial knowledge and investments.

Tribhuvan University School of Management (SOM) is an autonomous institution formed by Tribhuvan University under the Faculty of Management. SOM-TU has been implementing four courses (MBA, MBA Global leadership & Management, MFC and MBA-IT) with a professional touch with the huge support base of academically qualified faculty members with wide exposures and experience.As a the Knowledge Partner SOMTU contributes by conducting research and collaborating to create entrepreneurship-related information.

Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) as the Knowledge Partner contributes by creating entrepreneurship-related knowledge through research and collaboration. Professors and researchers at KUSOM have created an entrepreneurship curriculum customized for nepali entrepreneurs.

Idea Impact Investment Fund as the Investment Partner focuses on investing in businesses that creates a socio-economic impact in the society. It is the sister company of Idea Studio Nepal. The company primarily focuses and prioritizes impact investment in companies that are socially responsible, environmentally conscious and led by women.

Shilapatra.com is a leading online news portal in Nepal. As the online news partner, Shilapatra News is doing its part to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nepal by covering and publishing meaningful and informative stories on entrepreneurship among the general population of nepal on a regular basis

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व्यवसाय गर्ने हुटहुटी छ ? आइडिया स्टुडियोले पूरा गर्न सक्छ तपाईंको सपना

February 17, 2022/

– शिलापत्र संवाददाता | मंगलबार, फागुन ३, २०७८ तपाईंलाई कुनै आइडिया आएको छ ? त्यसलाई व्यवसायमा बदल्न झन्झट भइरहेको छ ? लगानी…

कृषिलाई यान्त्रिकरण गर्ने ३ आइडिया भए कलेज हन्टमा छनौट

December 10, 2021/

क्यापिटल नेपाल   काठमाडौं । प्रगतिशील रुपान्तरण तथा व्यावसायिकता प्रवर्द्धनको क्षेत्रमा क्रियाशील आइडिया स्टुडियोले ‘कलेज आइडिया हन्ट २०२१’ मंसिर ४…

‘आई ह्याभ एन आइडिया– २०२१’ का विजेताले पाए जनही १ लाख रुपैयाँ पुरस्कार

December 10, 2021/

– शिलापत्र संवाददाता | मंगलबार, मंसिर ७, २०७८   क्याम्पसमा अध्ययनरत युवाहरूलाई लक्षित गर्दै आइडिया स्टुडियोले आयोजना गरेको कलेज आइडिया हन्ट कार्यक्रमअन्तर्गत ‘आई…

आफूले बनाएको ‘बेबी वार्मर’, विदेशमा निर्यात गर्ने योजना बुन्दैछन् चार युवा इन्जिनियर

November 2, 2021/

शर्मिला न्याैपाने   काठमाडौं । युनेस्कोको एक अध्ययनअनुसार नेपालमा जन्मिएका प्रत्येक एक हजार जीवित शिशुमध्ये २८ दिनभित्र २१ जनाको मृत्यु…

आइडिया स्टुडियोको नविन सोच: मानसिक उपचारदेखि घरेलु खाजा र अतिथि सत्कारसम्म

November 2, 2021/

– दिवाकर उप्रेती | काठमाडौं, कात्तिक ९   नेपालमै व्यवसाय गर्न निकै सम्भावनाहरू छन् । व्यवसायिक सोच राखेर अघि बढ्दा धेरैले सफलता समेत…

युवाको सोचलाई प्रविधिको साथ

October 6, 2021/

– दिवाकर उप्रेती  | आइतबार, असोज १७, २०७८   देशमै केही गर्छु भनेर भौँतारिइरहने युवाहरूका लागि प्रविधि ठूलो वरदान सावित हुन…

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Ecosystem Champions

National Innovation Centre (NIC) is a nonprofit sharing organization that is dedicated to creating a culture of research and innovation in Nepal. As the ecosystem champion it works closely with Idea Studio Nepal to develop innovative technologies and help in taking the technical innovative products of NIC to the market.

Capital Nepal is a business magazine and online news portal in Nepal. As the Ecosystem champion it is dedicated to creating awareness among the general population of Nepal by covering inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship process. To date, the capital nepal news website has amassed more than 1 million page views. Capital nepal magazine is circulated in 108 corporate offices.

Radio Audio is one of the most popular radio stations in the country and provides the listeners information and entertainment. As the ecosystem champion, the radio station broadcast engaging stories of innovative entrepreneurs through interesting interviews and radio talk shows namely ‘Khudulee.com’ which is transmitted in more than 130 radio stations across Nepal.


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Idea Studio is a platform to turn promising ideas into solutions and ultimately ignite social change and unlock potentials in favor of entrepreneurship through innovation.

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