Indira sapkota ideator edu lift rethinking education idea studio nepal

Indira Sapkota

Idea: Edu Lift
Industry: Education
Amount of Financing Sought: Rs. 4,800,000.00

Edu-lift is Indira Sapkota’s idea of creating a newer vision in Education by empowering the youths. Edu-lift focuses on providing equivalent education to all students and tackling the lagging change in educational system of Nepal. It concentrates on teaching life skills with art and languages. With equal education to all, the organization focuses on developing a potential youth for future national development.EduLift’s innovative curriculum is a supplementary curriculum that can be used during after-school programs or during school vacations. It attempts to compliment the officially-mandated school curriculum by focusing on the development of skills and competencies that are crucial in academic and professional life.

As such, EduLift curriculum consists primarily of two main strands – Language Arts and Explore – designed to help children develop their language competencies in English and to nurture their intellectual and socio-emotional skills, alongside exploring their passions and the world beyond school. The primary target audiences of this supplementary curriculum are the students of upper secondary level (grade eight and above). EduLift’s mission is to rethink education in Nepal by designing and implementing innovative educational programs that specifically address the educational gaps in the current educational context. EduLift’s vision is not only to change the education system from teaching to that of learning, but to create a future where the EduLift supplementary educational model is incorporated as a part of the mainstream education curricula in Nepal.