Rakshya Karki rakshya anti pollution mask ideator idea studio nepal

Rakshya Karki

Idea: ROXYA Face Mask
Roxya Mask Company Pvt. Ltd
Industry : Manufacturing
Investment Required: Rs. 6,000,000
Rakshya from KU School of Science, has a preventive solution to increasing air pollution in the nation. Her idea of Anti-Pollution Mask is cheaper yet effective than any other masks available in the market. The Rakshya Mask can obviously prevent ailments from air pollution and also includes an anti-allergic, anti-fogging, reusability and micro ventilation build.
The Company is a start-up and will start producing the anti- pollution mask with technical help from ICIMOD. The Company plans to produce certified anti-pollution microfiber street mask.
The mask will be washable and protect from harmful pollutants, particularly PM 2.5. The mask will have a low profile design that fits under the helmets and goggles. It will filter out 95% of all dust and particulates from the air but will cost much lesser than imported mask currently available in Nepalese market. Product
The name of the product is “ROXYA Mask”, “ROXYA” meaning protect in Nepali language. It will have One-Way Valves that reduce moisture inside mask, Adjustable Nose Clip, ear loop and will be comfortable 360 degree fit. Mask will be available in 2 sizes: Small and Regular. Colorful designs for small size, black, blue and purple for regular size. Package will include 1 Mask along with instructions and feedback details.
Technologies/Special Know-how:
The designer Rakchya Karki is an environmental engineer from Kathmandu University under the mentorship of Dr. Kundan Lal Shrestha. She has the expertise and required technological knowledge along with easy access to ICIMOD lab.
An online research conducted on anti-pollution face mask by the student consultant revealed that people are health conscious but might not be able to afford the certified imported mask. With the pollution ever becoming worse, the cheaper masks are of no use. Identifying this gap in the market, ROXYA Mask will provide assured protection against harmful particles and that too at an affordable price. So our target market is working people and students travelling in public transportation and motorbike/scooter in Kathmandu valley.
Distribution Channel
In the first phase, the mask will be available only in Kathmandu valley. The product will be placed at departmental stores like Bhatbhateni, Pharmaceutical stores at busy streets since our target market is consistent with the target market of these stores. Vendor managed inventory will be used to actively replenish products as soon as they are sold out.
Direct Competition:
Rakchya mask will face competition from certified imported masks namely Totobobos, Vogmask and Metro- mask. Others are cheap Chinese masks which have easy availability and are affordable in Nepalese context.