Anil Basnet

“I was looking to expand my online groceries retail business. We had to make deliveries to our clients on motorbikes and scooters which placed a lot of limitations on our operations. Thanks to Idea Studio I was able to get […]

ShivaRam Poudel

“I started my free highway toilet project in Dharke before I joined Idea Studio, but was financed at a very high interest rate. This experience has helped me expand my contacts a great deal and I have also learned alternative […]

Rajendra Adhikari

Rajendra Adhikari’s Lekhnath Poultry Farm Mr. Adhikari has been in the business of breeding and selling poultry for last 12 years. Thus his business model not only benefits himself but is also providing income generating opportunities at the grass-root level […]

Manindra Aryal

Manindra Aryal; one of the Ideators says “Idea studio was the perfect platform to unleash my passion for electronics and expand networks with business and IT pioneers”. When the entire nation was gripped by the massive earthquake, business guru Mr. […]