Idea Studio is a platform to turn promising ideas into solutions and ultimately ignite social change and unlock potentials in favor of entrepreneurship through innovation. The process starts with calling for innovation ideas across Nepal, which is shortlisted and mentored by renowned business leaders at KUSOM-Idea Studio, the first business incubator in Nepal, at the premises of Kathmandu University School of Management. The best ideas nurtured at the Business Incubator is showcased on primetime National Television in the form of reality show, where business leaders and investors interested in the ideas, partner and invest with innovators to put sustainable solution in place.



Ideators Season 3

Season 3 Ideators

Success Stories


सिभिल बैंकद्वारा मेलम्चीका कृषकहरुलाई सहुलिय कृषि कर्जा

आइडिया स्टुडियो नेपाल र मेलम्ची नगरपालिकाबिच आइडिया स्टुडियो नेपालको सहकार्यमा मेलम्ची नगरपालिकाभित्र रहेका घरेलु कृषिक्षेत्रलाई आधुनिकीकरण गरी उत्पादित बस्तुको बजार प्रबद्र्घन गर्दै व्यबसायिक कृषी कर्जा लगानी गर्ने बिषयमा त्रिपक्षिय सम्झौता भएको छ । Read Full Story Here 

ISN and WWF Nepal Collaborate for green

In June 2019 Idea Studio Nepal and WWF Nepal came together to create history. The intent of the collaboration is to use the knowledge, resources and networks of both organisations efficiently and effectively encourage green innovation and sustainable business in […Read More]

Launch of entrepreneurship curriculum

The curriculum was launched in Season 3 and it was developed to learn better entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge. There are two parts of the curriculum, one was developed in partnership with Oulu University of Applied Sciences- Oamk, Finland, and […Read More]

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Core Partners

Kathmandu University school of Management  is the no.1 business school in the country which believes in quality education.

Meeting point is an advertising agency with the expertise of television program production, media marketing, socio-commercial message development, audio-visual production and audio visual bank, publicity and media coordination.