Idea Studio Nepal

A nudge required for enterprises.

Music Securities is a registered financial services agency of Japan and it launched an impact investment platform called Securite in 2008. The reason was to integrate several services and categories into one web based platform that would support to manage account and customer information in one system. This was extended business opportunities for wide range of industries and customers. It generates funds for businesses of different sectors from music, restaurants, agriculture, IT, sports, energy, manufacturing et cetera.


Idea Studio Nepal (ISN) on the other hand is working towards establishing entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nepal since 2014. One of the essential components for this is financial support to entrepreneurs. In this endeavour Music Securities and ISN collaborated to originate fund for enterprises on July 17, 2019. This is another milestone for ISN.


In 2018 ISN had announced launch of Idea Impact Fund and in 2019 it got closer to fulfilling its commitment. This year the deserving enterprises will receive benefits due to this collaboration.

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