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Mr. Sudip Simkhada


The aim of this business is to provide taxi services to differently able, Pregnant women and old age people.

Ms. Shresta Karki, Ms. Sabhyata Pandey, and Mr. Bibek Adhikari

Mero Adalat

The aim of the Platform is to deliver services that shall be of optimum value for common people and especially the ones from the legal fraternity. The services that our app would accommodate are: -Online Legal Counselling -Online Legal crash course -Entrance preparation modules -Publication of legal articles/magazines/journals, etc -Legal analysis of contemporary political and social issues. Points-wise laymen analysis of complex legal and governmental procedures.For viz: birth, marriage and death registration, making of citizenship, passport and processes regarding the legitimacy of land and land transfers.

Mr. Anis Giri, Mr. Narayan Thapa Magar, and Ms. Devi Giri


A micro-Green business is a young vegetable green that is harvested within 21 days after seedling and it contains 40 times more nutrients and 9 times more bioactive compounds like antioxidants, polyphenols, etc than mature greens. Anish is focused on growing and marketing them in different forms to generate revenue and overcome the diet problem in society

Mr. Subash Adhikari and Mr. Asim Pandey


Shamita is a software application platform that treats clients who have mental issues like anxiety, depression, and many more.

Ms. Sadikshya Maharjan

Aaha Bangles

This venture sells bangles as per the customization and demand of the customers

Mr. Shardul Phuyal (casual portal)

The Casual portal is a platform that connects workers interested in casual work with organizations who want to hire casual staff. Through our portal, interested candidates can earn money on daily basis. Our portal works to connect college-going students with work they can do during their free time and holidays.

Mr. Prashanna Shyaula and Mr. Prajwol Shrestha

We For Nature

The business idea is to give unused and discarded textiles a new life by upcycling them into daily utility products like slippers, tote bags, hand carry, cushion covers, bed sheets, etc. The main motive for doing so is to promote eco-friendly sustainable products.

Ms. Rifat Banu, and Ms. Bighya Chalise

Taro Girls

The idea is to make byproducts from the Taro Plant like Pickles, powder, and tea. The products will be made by the women of rural areas.

Mr. Gokarn Mishra

The Lekali झ्याउ "Growing Media, The Next One"

The business idea is about the use of naturally available jhyau (sphagnum moss) as an alternative to all other growing media. Lekali jhyau is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and cost-effective growing media.

Ms. Puja Mundhra and Ms. Akriti Patel

Date Mate

The DateMate is a healthy drink made from dates seed and is decaffeinated with natural energy booster.

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