The inaugural season of the National Idea Hunt kicked off on June, 2020. The episodes were aired on AP1 Television. 

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Mr. Aayush Deuja

Adhunik Pet Industries

Kathmandu alone produces 3 tonnes of plastic waste worth approximately Rs 5 Lakhs 40 thousand daily which amounts to Rs 1 crore 70 lakhs in a month. Instead of recycling the final product, Adhunik Pet Industries recycles raw materials used to make plastic products, specifically plastic granules, offering them at a cheaper price. In Nepal, plastic granules used to make plastic products are imported from Dubai. The company aims to minimize the import of plastic granules.

Mr. Ajay Pandey and Ms. Nishma Chaudhary

Missing Counselor

Missing Counselor offers mental health counselling services through mobile and web application. It provides mental training, helps spread mental health awareness and also connects patients with experienced counsellors. By using its digital platforms it bridges the gap between counsellors and users. While mental health is considered taboo, people do not seek mental health help and services in our society. Similarly, such services are not accessible to all. This company aims to solve this problem.

Ms. Anjana Malla

Deego Nepal

Deego Nepal is a sustainable brand offering eco-friendly alternatives to household plastic. Started to tackle plastic pollution, it focuses on providing accessible and affordable alternatives. By innovating locally made products like loofah scrubbers, bamboo toothbrushes, and more, it aims to raise awareness and build a community for sustainable living. Most products are crafted by Nepali women, contributing to local empowerment and environmental conservation.

Mr. Aashraya Adhikari

Aafnai College

Aafnai College is a platform for SEE graduates to find their ideal college (+2 equivalent). It provides comprehensive college profiles to help students make informed decisions based on their preferences. The platform facilitates online admissions, making the process seamless and convenient, especially for those seeking colleges outside their home city. Ultimately, it benefits both students and institutions by streamlining the application process and attracting more applicants.

Mr. Baibhav Pandey


Netrakart is an e-commerce platform for prescription based eyewear where a wide range of premium and economy frames and lenses are available. It offers Nepal’s first vision test at home service by licensed optometrists, home try-on services, in-clinic eye checkup and surgery booking services. The majority of people in and around Kathmandu valley do not get an eye check-up done frequently or prioritise eye health. Netrakart envisions improving the eye health of the Nepali population by providing accessible eye health check-up at home.

Ms. Barsha Basnet, Ms. Ramanee Kandel and Mr. Sharup Sheikh

Saatu from the land of Himalaya

Saatu from the land of Himalaya delivers gluten, sugar and transfat free from Saatu that is sourced and sold locally. The business aims to solve health problems such as Obesity, Diabetes and fatigue prevalent due to unhealthy and untimely eating habit of Nepalese people. It aims to alleviate food scarcity in the Himalayan regions during the winter and also wants to encourage farmers to become entrepreneurs.

Mr. Bhim Prasad Kafle

Solar Hand Warmer for Mountain dwellers, travellers, Bike riders and therapy

Solar Hand Warmer is a small package (pouch) of crystalline material that stores solar energy which can be used when required. The product generates heat up to 55 degrees for about 1 hour. Though this product is best suited for hand warming, it can also be used for warming legs, backbone and other parts of the body. Mountain dwellers, travellers and motorbike riders often encounter severe coldness during winter. The product is useful to overcome this problem.

Mr. Biplab Karki and Mr. Adhar Chand Bhatt

From Waste to Wealth

Baala is a highly effective and cheap level amino acid fertilizer created from environmental pollutants of keratin waste like waste hair, feather, fur via mechanical and chemical treatment. In order to automate this process and make this error-free, the business will be automating the entire process with a machine/plant that will be built using the modern power of mechatronics and robotics. So, overall it’s a machine that will be built to turn keratin waste into effective fertilizers for agriculture.

Mr. Hemant Nepal

Sajilo Yatra

Sajilo Yatra, an online bus ticket booking company is a trusted one-stop online ticket booking portal for people to easily book bus tickets at the best prices. It plans to solve the lengthy bus ticket booking system and improve travelling efficiency and aims to reform bus ticket booking service in Nepal.

Mr. Hemant Raj Awasthi

Team Vermi

Team Vermi is bridging fertiliser (organic and inorganic) demand and supply gap through timely and effective production and supply of vermicompost along with spreading awareness at the local level for cost-effective, soil hazard free and high yielding input. They have been producing vermicompost by utilizing local resources and biodegradable wastes which yields 4-5 times nutrient-rich fertilizer than other compost manure. It is prepared within 70-80 days and can be easily supplied to the local market.

Mr. Hirendra Raj Joshi and Ms. Sushma Magar

Black Soldier Fly

The business offers Black Soldier Fly Poultry Feed. They use Black Soldier Fly larvae for the bioconversion of low-quality bio-wastes from households and agriculture into sustainable and nutritionally valuable proteins and lipids for the production of animal feed. Black soldier fly larvae are able to process a wide range of organic substrates through the digestion of organic material and turn them into body mass mainly composed of protein, fat, and chitin. The high-quality protein can be used as feed, while the other compounds can be used as a raw material in the chemical industry.

Ms. Kamala Rai

Pearl Farming In Nepal

Shree Mahakali Pearl Farm and Training Centre provides pearl farming training and knowledge through pearl farming practises. It produces pearls locally in Nepal and works towards species conservation. Pearl farming is a unique business that can be pursued with expending limited resources and time. To date, pearl farming in Nepal is not a widespread practise.

Mr. Karna Bahadur Shahi

फुङ्गो फुड

Fungo Food aims to collect and sell traditionally farmed organic produce and herbs sourced from the hilly and Himalayan regions of Nepal. It works to empower rural farmers while promoting a healthy lifestyle among the customers.

Mr. Keshab Bahadur Kathayat

CTH – culinary the hospitality centre

They deliver their product from local to international market ranging from bakery, organic agriculture to English communication & hospitality service. These days the local community are eating unhealthy junk food. The business wants to educate people on how to produce organic products and be hygienic in rural area which will be helpful for both domestic and international tourism.

Mr. Mahesh Timalsina and Mr. Ramsharan Bikram Thapa

Skill sewa

They provide home inspection services and alleviate problems like seepages, leakages, cracks and so on.

Mr. Manas Wagley

Vriya Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Teleupachar)

TeleUpachar is a complete digital health solution with secure and encrypted online video consultation for patients and doctors with electronic medical record history, digital prescription, and medicine delivery services. In today’s rapidly growing technological era, healthcare should be simple, fast, and uncomplicated. The company believes that through innovation and technology, healthcare should be readily accessible when and where you need it. Teleupachar aims to improve accessibility, affordability, and quality of care in this digital era.

Mr. Manoj Ratna Bhusal

Solid waste management

Solid waste management works to manage solid waste in big cities to earn money from it. It uses solid waste to create fuel briquettes to help contribute to the environment through solid waste utilization.

Ms. Pallavi Guragain

Urban Farms Pvt. Ltd.

The business uses globally proven hydroponic technology and the nutrient solution needed to grow their produces. They wish to provide organic food free of pesticides. The problem of pesticide poisoning in vegetables is degrading the health of people in Nepal especially in cities like Kathmandu. Producing fresh organic produce with hydroponic technology is the solution to this problem.

Ms. Pooja Agrawal and Ms. Sushmita Gautam

Midas Touch Nepal

Midas Touch Beauty Service delivers premium home salon service with all safety and hygiene at everyone’s doorstep with no additional cost. Midas’s platform enables the customer to book online and avail hassle-free, reliable & quality services at the ease of being at home.

Ms. Pralisha Adhikari

Metro Kheti

Metro Kheti offers products required for urban farming, garden and rooftop garden designing, consultation services and training. They are bridging the gap between farming and people by training them how to grow their own food on their own spaces.Metro Kheti is trying to build a responsible younger generation by approaching the public and private sector to launch green school projects and teach the practices of farming to the children. They are working to minimize the dependency on food by trying to create self-sufficient communities in the long run.

Mr. Pramod Prasad Khakurel

Rural-Urban Link

The business uses globally proven hydroponic technology and the nutrient solution needed to grow their produces. They wish to provide organic food free of pesticides. The problem of pesticide poisoning in vegetables is degrading the health of people in Nepal especially in cities like Kathmandu. Producing fresh organic produce with hydroponic technology is the solution to this problem.

Mr. Pranil GC and Mr. Nabin Thapa Magar

AR Class

AR Class offers an Augmented Reality based Digital Classroom for Pre-Primary Students where teacher and guardian can teach their children using their smartphones scanning AR-based Books. Children are more prone to visual and kinesthetic learning than textual ones. Thus, they are replacing traditional books with 3D animated content on mobile applications integrated with the book for effective learning.

Mr. Prem Krishna Prajapati

Ceramics Development and Manufacturing

Production and sales of ceramics products like Cups, plate clay, pots bathroom tiles, etc. Trying to reduce export and develop and sell local products.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Burnawal

SR Tiffin Point

The business aims to provide hygienic homemade food for everyone and create employment for housewives that are not able to go out of home but interested in doing business. The business is creating employment for women who can cook while catering to the needs of those who want the taste, hygiene and quality of homemade food.

Ms. Rojina Bajracharya

Smart Aama

Smart Aama would preferably be an application that is based on motherhood related gossips and essentials. Availability of information and a common platform for mothers/parents is not available in the market. Smart Aama works to solve that problem. Smart aama also aims to improve and professionalise the postpartum tradition/system of Nepal which is regarded as a scientific treatment of a newborn baby and mother. Smart aama also aims to provide proper education, practices and guidelines to mothers to be and new mothers.

Mr. Sagar Bhusal

Anyone willing to join the government jobs, bachelor, college entrance preparation, language course, license exam or any other competitive exams can prepare online with where users can find online classes, live mock full syllabus based exam set, practise set, digital note with full customization, daily test, daily capsule, discussion forum and so on materials made by renowned institutes, teachers, book publications connecting everyone in a single platform.

Mr. Suman Paudel


Pothi is manufacturing smart egg hatching machines on a small scale. Many egg-hatching machines are being imported that do not offer sales service, Pothi aims to make the country self-sufficient on this front.

Mr. Ujjwal Khanal and Mr. Pawan Bhatt


Yelko is Software as Service (SAS) Website Builder and E-Commerce Websites. They are reducing the website development and Marketing cost of SMEs and Freelancers by 60-70%.No Coding knowledge is required to use the services of Yelko. Yelko takes care of the entire technology to run websites and services in the cloud providing hassle-free solutions.

Mr. Sonam Subba

Sonam's Wear

Sonam’s wear makes hand-made wears along with recycled products from wastage. The service will mainly focus on providing part-time employment to students enabling them to support themselves with their college tuition fees. The service will also help people from the LGBTIQ community with skill development, training and employment.

Mr. Yeshey Gyalsten Gurung

Campside and suppliers

Campside and suppliers aim to solve the problem of lack of availability of basic needs in Upper Dolpa. It also plans to introduce and set up a systematic camp service in Dolpa.

Mr. Sunil Baniya

Nyano Nani

Nyano Nani is a Bio-Medical device that provides warmth to the infant right after delivery to minimize the infant mortality rate. It prevents hypothermia and respiratory diseases in babies.
So far 16 Nyano Nani are serving in different parts of Nepal with good results.

Ms. Tara Rai

आस्था अर्गानिक कृषि फार्म – सिन्धुपाल्चोक

Tara Rai’s business is focused on healthy piglet and lean meat production. Tara Rai’s idea is to produce nutritious feed for pigs in order to make it convenient for farmers of Sindhupalchowk to obtain good quality and balanced feed. This will help farmers to assure the return of their businesses

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