The Season 3 of the National Idea Hunt started on April 25, 2018. The episodes were aired on AP1 Television. 

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Mr. Aabhash Karmacharya

Blood donation app

This app aims to bridge the gap between blood donors and recipients through effective data mining. Inspired by the urgent need for blood donations highlighted on social media, Karmacharya conceived the idea. Recognizing the potential to save lives, Aabhas initiated the development of an app requiring user login for reliability via a recommendation system. While the app is still in development, an initial webpage is live for user registration. Donors can input their blood information, which will later be transferred to the app for easy access by users via web or mobile.

Mr. Adhip Poudel

Kullabs is a late stage startup that is working on the e-learning sector of Nepal. Their product is live at, which is a content provider for learners and teachers. An offline version of the same is available for purchase and they offer online and offline solution for lesser price. The impact is bigger in classrooms and on students in terms of knowledge. They provide high school notes, exercises and tests, and link appropriate videos to every topic on the syllabus. Their website has over 3,50,000 visitors every month out of which 1,00,000 – 1,50,000 are from Nepal.

Mr. Ajay Shrestha

Funky Monk’s

Beanbags as furniture are still a fresh concept in Nepal. There are only a handful companies that sell bean bags as their primary product and the price is exuberant. Despite this, the demand for beanbags is increasing by the day due to its stylish structure, comfort, and lightweight. It is convenient to use and maintain. This opens a huge opportunity to tap the growing market and establish our company as a leading bean bag retailer in the Nepali market.

Ms. Akanshya Joshi



Mr. Anup Sedhai


This is service-oriented start up that focuses on the developer needs of the busy-scheduled population. The main concept is to sell people convenience so they can focus things that are more important than performing daily errands. With the help of Dailo, people can prioritise their activities and lend the tasks to the properly screened Dailo helpers, who complete the tasks efficiently.

Mr. Baburam Bohara

Greentech Nepal

Greentech Nepal is a trading platform of agricultural produce from sellers to buyers directly through digital quotation and processes. There are two stakeholders— sellers and buyers. Sellers are dedicated farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and other suppliers of agricultural produce who can easily connect and transact directly with verified buyers. And buyers are retailers, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers and other commercial buyers of agro-produce who can easily connect and transact directly with verified suppliers. And another is agro-businesses that buy and sell agricultural produce.

Mr. Bijay Rimal

Cylindrical electric oven

The cylindrical electric oven, developed in 2017, offers eco-friendly cooking without coal, ensuring healthy and efficient meals. Vijay's dedication turned his idea into reality after four months of effort, resulting in a functional oven ready for market launch with minor adjustments. Ideal for Nepali cuisine lovers, the oven eliminates health hazards associated with coal usage, offering quick cooking times for various dishes like chicken, sekuwa, boiled eggs, rice, and mixed vegetables. Targeting both restaurants and households, it's easy to handle and environmentally friendly.

Mr. Dron Neupane


The company is running as integrated agro farming and will develop into agro tourism center. The industry plans to make additional market for agriculture and generate huge employment opportunities with good income resources.

Mr. Jiten Basnet


The Company is a start-up aiming to establish interaction between the audiences and the speaker effectively during seminar, conferences or meetups. They developed web application and android app that is tested in alpha and beta version during development. More questions asked by audience the more successful is the seminar, especially when their queries are answered by the experts. Audience can also keep track of the upcoming events of their interests. Speakers or presenter can always ask poll to know the feedback about the events and keep track of the statistic figure audience opinions. This is a win-win for the organizers and the audience. We are taking away the awkward silences and helping utilize everyone’s time and effort.

Mr. Madhu Khadka


This is an information technology start-up company aiming to provide hydroponic (soil-less) farming, self-sustaining, control environment organic vegetable growing system. Their mission is to create system where any vegetable can be grown without environmental barrier. The system is self-sustaining as monitoring and growth is insured by the system itself. They are adapting vertical farming for space reduction and hydroponics. Nutrients in solution form will ensure plant gets the entire nutrients to flourish. There will be controlled environment within the system making it capable of growing any vegetable in any season.

Mr. Nitesh Pandey


Porta-pai is portable toilet that is cost effective. It is made of fiber-plastic polymer, which makes it strong and durable, it is easy to shift from one place to another due to lightweight, and it is easy to install without extra help from plumbing. The by-product from portable toilet (urine and excreta) is used as fertiliser. Raw materials is used for bio gas plant that helps reduce land as well as water pollution.

Mr. Prajwal Rajbhandari

YOGO – Probiotic Drinking Yoghurt

YOGO is a probiotic yoghurt drink produced by Fermentica Foods and Dairy Pvt. Ltd., a start-up company that specializes in fermented foods. Due to different factors like diet, stress and antibiotics, there is an increase of metabolic and inflammatory diseases. YOGO can solve the problems of gastritis, indigestion and diarrhea by preventing the occurrence of these diseases before becoming dire. It helps build immunity and makes the gut healthy and happy. 

Mr. Prakash Adhikari

Om Shanti Dairy Udhyog

This company produces and sells dairy products. It started in 2071 BS as a startup. Initially, the company sold 30 liters of milk, and milk based products each day. From 2075 BS daily sales rose up to 800-900 liters of milk per day. The company also installed mini ice cream and candy plant. However, the company’s market is still largely limited to the local areas around the production area. The company expects to expand to areas like Dhangadhi, Kathmandu, Surkhet, and Nepalgunj with a target of selling 5,000 liters worth of milk and milk based products by 2080 BS.

Mr. Nitesh Pandey


This is an ecommerce platform for footwears. The idea is to deliver products of high end/trusted Nepali footwear brands to the customers. Cusomters can also communicate with them in real time for any information regarding the product. It is customer centered service, which will be conveninet and user friendly that other online platform fail to deliver. They want to capitalise on this gap by providing quality/convenient services. We will build trust by delivering what they see, provide easy exchange facilities at bargain cost compared to other stores.

Ms. Rajeena Awale

Samaah Jewelry and Crafts

Samaah Jewelry and Crafts caters to handmade jewelleries made of semi-precious stones, glass, white metal, brass wire, wood, shell chips/balls, threads, and seed beads. The company started its production and promotion in 2013 with a vision to Promote Nepali Product to Nepali People at a reasonable Price (Defined by four P’s). It aims to provide an alternative to gold and silver jewelleries at affordable prices with a focus on service to our customer – Repair, Remake and Redesign.

Ms. Ranjana Tiwari

Ropeway Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Food dehydration has been a traditional method for preserving fruits and vegetables, maintaining both their shelf life and nutritional value by removing water and moisture. While it may result in some nutrient loss, it significantly extends food preservation. Our company provides food dryers to rural farmers, ensuring year-round food availability. While electric dehydrators are common, they are costly to maintain. Solar energy alone is insufficient for perfect dehydration in Nepal's limited sunlight hours. Hence, our hybrid system combines solar and electric power to preserve food effectively, maintaining its nutrition and hygiene.

Mr. Ronish Dahal

Ghar Number

Ghar Number is an Information Technology startup company that provides a mapping tool to solve the addressing problem along with bridging the gap between people and business or employment via mobile and web application platform. They provide the basic service tool to individual and enterprises that can lead to the change in ecosystem on how we travel or do business or simply complete day-to-day activity. Their mission is to provide remote access to all the services and information (health, security, business, transport, travel etc) at tip of the hand to ease day-to-day life.

Mr. Sanjay Gurung

Film Studio

Nepal's film industry is embracing new storytelling methods, but VFX remains underexplored. Despite limited VFX education and networking opportunities, we aim to generate revenue by creating promotional videos, ads, short films, and animations, catering to the demand for creative advertisements.

Mr. Sanjiv Tamang


Decraftmandu is a concept store providing a platform for startups and entrepreneurs in Nepal. It showcases unique Nepali art, culture, and traditions to promote economic empowerment, particularly for women entrepreneurs. The platform facilitates international market access for local producers, offers minimal-interest investment options, and operates on a commission basis.

Mr. Santosh Tiwari

Medsaala provides drug information to the users. They are upgrading our platform as a healthcare service sharing this platform with the healthcare service providers and patients. The aim is to focus on creating a community of healthcare professionals, which will make it easier for networking, communicating, and healthcare service delivery between healthcare professionals and patients.

Ms. Sapana Thalal


In life-threatening situations like rape attempts, violent attacks, severe health conditions or dementia accessing mobile may not be possible. The vision is to create an environment where everyone can live fearless and safe. They designed a wearable device that will be attached in digital watch, which has emergency button. When pressed it sends an alert message to the parents, close friends, and to the nearest police station along with live GPS location and full identification of the person concerned based on the number of button presses.

Mr. Sujal Poudel

PinProduct Pinct Solution. Ltd

The Company is a start-up ecommerce business. PinProduct doesn’t rely on single customer base; it focuses on the mass of customers. They group the people who share similar interests providing them with the wholesale service this is unclear. PinProduct will have a system of pinning a certain product. There exist certain threshold that acts as the minimum pin required for the product, after the threshold pin is satisfied the price decreases to the wholesale rate and the customer can get the wholesale service.

Ms. Supriya Shakya

Nepal Med

The idea behind Nepal Med is to make healthcare more convenient, affordable and understandable to all Nepalis. Their product is medical services at home. They are starting with complete medical management through website and mobile application. As the website is in development phase, they deliver service based on personal relations and various health camp events. Plan is to provide complete information on medicines, blood donors, hospitals, doctors, ambulances et cetera and ultimately plan on appointment management and online doctor consultation.

Mr. Suresh Bashyal


Footmandu is a platform for the community based industry manufacturing Leather products such as Shoes and Bags. the company is provides training to the ruler and under privileged communities for their better socio-economic status. Initially the company is targeting to capture Ruler market around Pharping area and then they are trying to enter the city market.

Mr. Uttam Bajracharya

Narmada Health Home and Ayurvedic Research Centre

Bajracharya researched and discovered titepati oil protects from negative energy. He has found hundreds of benefits of this oil and has treated many. For instance, it detoxes the air filled with bacteria. As this is naturally extracted oil it can be used with or without diluting with other oil. This oil is more effective than any other essential oil available in the market. It is tried and tested. It also controls blood pressure and sugar, and works as an insect repellent.

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