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S.N. Idea Owner Name of the Idea
1. Dhananjya Fadera Bee Farming
2. Janaki Kuber Bhatta Poultry Farming
3. Surat Bdr Bhul Animal Husbandry “Namuna Krishak Goat Farm”
4. Purna Bdr Bista Seed Farming
5. Ganesh Bahadur Bam Scale Up Hotel Sindhu
6. Anil Regmi Combining Technology with Agro-Market
7. Suman Raj Aryal Puja Sewa “Service Provider of Puja Samagris”
8. Keshav Prasad Acharya Scale Up Dairy Production to Ice-Cream Production
9. Dhyan Bdr Rai Meat Processing
10. Pramod Aryal Integration Consortia of Biological with Compost in Complete Substitution of Chemicals
11. Shankar Bahadur Thapa Sishnu (Nettle Leaves) Production Bisiness
12. Anil Neupane Horticulture
13. Omita Joshi Valley Waste Management Center
14. Indira Sapkota Edu-Lift Rethinking Education
15. Maina Kumari Tamang Bus Business
16. Aastha Dahal Sewamarpit (Health Service)
17. Kushal Pokhrel Digital Art Service “Eclipse”
18. Dirgha Bdr Khadka Connects Ad’s for Website Creation
19. Suraj Shrestha Drip Irrigation Technology Controlled by Smart Phones
20. Anup Sharma Online E-Sports Game
21. Chin Bdr Nepali Utensil Production from brass
22. Saroj Koirala Replacing Sutures by Adhesive Glue
23. Sumitra Poudel Garment Manufacturing
24. Subodh Rai Decorations
25. Manish Basnet/Kesh AV Dahal Innovative Health Care Platform for Patients- Mobile App
26. Nistha Amatya Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins/Diva Eco Flair

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