Idea Studio is a platform to turn promising ideas into solutions and ultimately ignite social change and unlock potentials in favor of entrepreneurship through innovation. The process starts with calling for innovation ideas across Nepal, which is shortlisted and mentored by renowned business leaders at KUSOM-Idea Studio, the first business incubator in Nepal, at the premises of Kathmandu University School of Management. The best ideas nurtured at the Business Incubator is showcased on primetime National Television in the form of reality show, where business leaders and investors interested in the ideas, partner and invest with innovators to put sustainable solution in place.



Ideators Season 5

Season 5 Ideators

Success Stories


Business Canvas Model Workshop and Training held

As a part of its Business Incubator Capacity Building Program, Idea Studio Nepal partnered with Kathmandu Model College (KMC), Academic Incubator Champion, Idea Studio Season 5 to jointly organize Business Canvas Model Workshop & Training from June 28 to July […]

वायोमेडिकल इन्जिनियरिङ पढेका सोनाम, जो गार्मेन्टको टुक्रामा भविष्य खोज्दैछन् | Featured on

काठमाडौं । स्टार्टअप बिजनेसमा भविष्य खोज्ने युवाहरू धेरै छन् । कति सफल हुन्छन् त कति बीचमै छोडेर पलायन पनि हुन्छन् । तिनै भविष्य खोज्ने युवा भित्रका एक हुन् सोनाम लिम्बू । इलाम स्थायी घर भएका २९ वर्षीय लिम्बू अहिले काठमाडौंमा […]

जापानबाट फर्किएका उत्तमः तितेपातीको तेल निकाल्छन्, अमेरिका, क्यानडा लगायतका मुलुकमा बेच्छन् | Featured on

काठमाडौं । नेपाल भौगोलिक विविधता र हावापानीले भरिएको देश हो । हावापानी र भौगोलिक परिवेशअनुसार वनस्पति र जडिबुटी फरक–फरक र तिनीहरूको महत्व स्वाभाविक रूपमा भिन्न रहन्छ । त्यसमध्ये हामीले कति कुराको महत्व बुझेका छौं भने कतिको थाहा छैन । नेपालको […]

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Core Partners

Policy Partner

Nepal Youth Council Nepal (NYC) aims to develop youth entrepreneurship and leadership in Nepal and has been actively working for the development of youth by providing various training with various skills to make them independent since a long time.

Eco-Impact Partner

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is the world’s leading independent conservation organization that originated in Switzerland in 1961 and is currently operational in more than 100 countries across six continents. WWF Nepal was first initiated in 1961, with a Rhino Conservation program. To keep up with the evolving face of conservation and environmental movement, WWF Nepal’s focus progressed from its localized efforts in conservation of single species in the 1960s, integrated conservation and development approach in the 1990s, to a new horizon of landscape-level conservation encompassing national, regional and global scales of complexity in early 2000s.

As Eco Impact partner in Idea Studio, WWF Nepal’s role is to encourage the next generation to opt for green economies and pathways. Our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, an inefficient food, and waste management system, and over-exploitation of natural resources are causing permanent damage to our planet as we know it. Through Idea Studio, we hope to bring continuity to our ‘Greenovation’ program and support green entrepreneurs to take their ideas into action. If you want to be more involved in conservation, visit to ‘Sign Up' for the youth program.

Knowledge Partner

Kathmandu University School of Management  is the no.1 business school in the country which believes in quality education.

Banking Partner

Prabhu Bank is one of the leading banking and financial services group in Nepal, the Bank will be there where growth is, connecting customers to the opportunities, enabling the business to thrive and economies to prosper and ultimately helping people to fulfill their hopes and realize their ambitions. The Bank offers the full range of banking and investment services for personal and corporate customers, backed by the team of highly motivated, young and dynamic professionals.

Broadcasting And Production partner

AP1 Television operated by Annapurna Broadcast Media P. Ltd and AP One Media P. Ltd. is sister organizations of Annapurna Media Network – Nepal's leading private media house, the publisher of Annapurna Post (Nepali National daily) and the broadcaster of Annapurna FM.

Investment Partner

Idea Impact Investment Fund

Online News Partner is a leading online news portal of Nepal. It covers all the legal stuff, international news, domestic news, sports coverage, political news, what's happening in your own city or nationally, what's going on in the education arena or in finance.

Ecosystem Champions

Become an Ecosystem Champion

Academic Incubator Champions

Kathmandu Model College (KMC) established in 2000 right in the heart of the capital city. Bagbazar has carved out for itself an enviable niche at the summit of the best colleges in the country. KMC has earned its place of the price through the vision and dedication of a team of academics and professionals who have promoted it, the skill of its panel of professors who possess cutting edge knowledge in their fields, and, above all, the brilliance of its students who have been consistently turning in sterling performance every year. 

Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE) is one of Nepal’s leading hospitality colleges. Located in Mandikhatar, Kathmandu, it is the first college in Asia to provide a Swiss degree. GATE is also the first academy in Nepal to win an international award at the World Hospitality Award, Most innovative training program in 2011.

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