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Idea Studio Nepal is a not-for-profit sharing company based on the foundation of knowledge, policy, and practice. It is a platform to turn promising ideas into solutions, ignite social change and unlock potential in entrepreneurship through innovation.

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Ecosystem Champions

National Innovation Centre (NIC) is a nonprofit sharing organisation that is dedicated to creating a culture of research and innovation in Nepal. As the ecosystem champion it works closely with Idea Studio Nepal to develop innovative technologies and help in taking the technical innovative products of NIC to the market.

Capital Nepal is a business magazine and online news portal in Nepal. As the ecosystem champion, it is dedicated to creating awareness by covering the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurship process, and the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Radio Audio is one of the most popular radio stations in the country and provides the listeners information and entertainment. As the ecosystem champion, the radio station broadcast engaging stories of innovative entrepreneurs through interesting interviews and radio talk shows namely ‘Khudulee.com’ which is transmitted in more than 130 radio stations across Nepal.

Technical Champion

Established in 1990, ISS (International Sound Service) has evolved over 25 years, expanding from radio services in Nepal to providing sound, light, and event management services across sectors. With a focus on modern equipment sourced from the USA, Mexico, Germany, and Spain, operated by experienced professionals, ISS aims to provide quality services at affordable rates, ensuring accessibility for all.

Industry Champion

Nepal Swiss Chamber of commerce and Industry has been established to promote the existing friendly ties between the two countries Switzerland and Nepal and create a new platform to develop new trade opportunities that benefits both nations in terms of business, culture and social exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Academic Champions

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Idea Studio Nepal is a platform to turn promising ideas into solutions and ultimately ignite social change and unlock potential in favor of entrepreneurship through innovation.



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