Idea Studio Nepal

One day Workshop on Creation of Innovative Businesses

One day workshop on Creation of Innovative Businesses was organized on December 25, 2019 at Idea Studio Nepal Office facilitated by Asst. Prof Rupesh Krishna Shrestha, Kathmandu University and Director and Co-founder of Idea Studio Nepal. The workshop was especially organized for entrepreneurs from National Innovation Center (NIC) and National Youth Council (NYC) to help them in their entrepreneurial journey. The highlight of the workshop was how entrepreneurs should think and do things differently. The main learning of the workshop was that starting any business is not about oneself but about how customers think. The design thinking session was an activity based session where participants were divided in pairs and had to design a product as per the partners requirement. The workshop focused largely on the importance of research and involving customers in the design thinking process. The participants of the workshop mentioned how the design thinking session made them realize where to start from when starting their design process. This research made it easier for them to design products as per the customers requirement and make less mistakes.

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