Idea Studio Nepal

Idea Impact Investment Fund

Idea Impact Investment Fund Nepal was launched on March 24, 2019 at the Gala event of Season 3 to support social businesses primarily associated with Idea Studio. One of the biggest hindrances for their sustenance in Nepal was lack of investment fund for start-ups and business with wider-good with clear commercial return of investment to scale-up. Therefore, the Investment Fund was established to promote and foster socially innovative ideas/business/ projects from startup to small-to-medium-sized and even large scale business in Nepal with strong growth and impact potential and to flourish comprehensive ecosystem of entrepreneurship. The pool fund from various national and international investors/co-investors are encouraged to achieve Idea Studio Nepal’s main objective of impact investment. 

During Season 3, three promising startups, in the categories of Made in Nepal, High Flying, Social Impact were awarded with NRs 5,00,000 each as seed investments. This year the tradition shall continue with an additional support from World Wildlife Fund Nepal  (WWF Nepal). The fourth award is Greenovation, which will be presented to the start up that is promising in terms of contributing towards promoting green business through its enterprise. Other than these, the fund or investment will be given to the businesses depending upon their performance.

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