Idea Studio Nepal

Collaboration between ISN and MBNL

Idea Studio Nepal (ISN) and Mega Bank Nepal Limited (MBNL) have collaborated for two years with an agreement from September 22, 2019 to September 21, 2021. This collaboration is to promote women entrepreneurs and SMEs through access to entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and finance.


The intent of this partnership is to use the knowledge, resources and networks of both organizations efficiently and effectively to encourage, promote and establish innovation and sustainable business in Nepal in order to contribute to sustainable development in the country. This will facilitate to foster entrepreneurship ecosystem among the stakeholders, especially women, collaborate in creating curriculum and research in the field of entrepreneurship in Nepal. As a Banking Brand Champion MBNL will provide loan to the women entrepreneurs with or without collateral at subsidized interest rate, financial literacy, support knowledge creation and research in the field of banking and women in business among others.

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